What’s my toddler up to? (besides no good)

Hello mamas!!

Terrible twos have commenced in my home and it has literally drained every ounce of energy I have. I don’t know how you mamas do it! Also, Amina is picking up on so many things so fast. Anything I do or say, will be done or said the next day. Yikes.

I’m trying to utilize the mommy and me time I have with my mini by teaching her while we play. I’ve been focusing on colors, shapes and coordination lately since she’s starting to drastically absorb everything around her. It’s going extremely well! I’ve limited screen time by a lot and have been trying to play with her more often. I try to keep Amina occupied with as many different things as possible so she doesn’t get too bored, too quick.

Today I’m sharing my toddlers favorite toys/activities that I consider pretty ‘educational’. I was a pre-k teacher for a few years and one of my favorite things to do was watch the children learn while they play. Whether its numbers, colors, sequence or categorizing, it’s just fun to watch. Their tiny brains are like seeds, so it’s really important to ‘water’ them with new ideas and anything they learn will stay with them, and will only grow from there.  Now that I’m a mother to growing little toddler, I’m noticing how much I can teach Amina with the simple toys that she has. Open ended questions all day, every day! 🙂 Not only is it benefiting her educationally, it’s really healthy for my relationship with her to spend one-on-one time with her since my attention is split between her younger brother and herself. Take a look at the things we’ve been loving lately . . .

Color Sorting Activity 

So the other day, I put my son down for a nap and tried out this color sorting activity with Amina. I didn’t know what to expect before starting because I’ve never done these ‘pintrest mom’ things with Amina before, but to my surprise, she loved it! I was almost positive that this girl was going to miss the whole point of the activity and just eat all the fruit loops but when I called out each color, she put them in each slot. We kept going back and forth counting and naming each color. She said the color yellow for the first time and recognized it too! She said ‘eoo’, then I started crying because it was the cutest thing ever. Ok maybe I’m biased, but it was seriously so cute. Why is my girl growing up so fast?!

Name Puzzle – Smiling Tree : 

First off, can we talk about how cute this name puzzle is?!! Second, guess who recognizes all the letters to her name AND in order? This puzzle has been a hit ever since it came in our mailbox. Amina gives me all the letters to her name and then I ask her where each one goes and she gets them right every time. Now that I know she knows her letters, we’ve been working on what sound each letter makes.  (which has not progressed as much as I thought it would. haha) This puzzle keeps Amina pretty occupied I must say, I never expected a name puzzle to grab so much of her attention. I’m a sucker for anything that’s personalized and handmade. This puzzle is gorgeously made, it makes the perfect gift! PLUS, the best part is that they donate to the Peace Corps for every toy sold. ❤  Smiling Tree was so generous to offer a 15% discount code for you guys. Use the code “MAAHIIVE” at checkout and let me know when you mama’s get yours, I would love to see other babes playing with their letters!

*Code only valid from 2/28-3/4

Magnetic Tiles : 

My parents recently gifted Amina these magnetic tiles and I have never been so excited to play with them….I mean her. Both. I can sit there all day, making different designs all day and Amina stares at me trying to copy what I’m doing. She’s a little too young to actually grasp how fun they are to play with but its fun to teach her shapes and colors. She likes the magnetic part and links one tile to all the others and gets so excited by that, I just let her do her thing.



I saved my most favorite past-time with my mini for last. Reading! We read together every night before bedtime and numerous times during the day. Our collection of books has grown so much; it’s so exciting to watch it grow. It’s really important to read with your child, not just to them. Amina’s vocabulary has spiked recently since she’s starting to notice the pictures in the book. Our favorite book at the moment is Tractor Pop Up Peek a Boo.  It’s so cute and colorful, Amina loves ‘wowing’ at the pop ups. She’s about 21 months old now (can you believe that?). This is the my favorite age to interact and play with my mini. She’s learning so many new things everyday it’s pretty overwhelming. What are your favorite books to read with your minis? We would love to add new books to our library 🙂

Any one on one time spent with my girl is time well spent. Especially lately, because her brother is starting to walk and requires much more attention than before.

It’s either they’re playing together nicely and don’t care about my whereabouts or it’s a WWE match for my attention. There is no in between.

I feel like my whole day is spent just chasing my babes around. With Amina beginning to tantrum over basically everything and my younger son starting to dig into the cabinets and closets, I’m left so exhausted. In spite of all that chaos, I love to squeeze in every opportunity to play with my kids. What do your toddlers like to do and play with? What are some activities you mamas do with your toddlers? I would love to try out new DIY activities so let me know what you’ve tried and tested. And if they work well for me, maybe I’ll share them on my next post! 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy mothering,

xo, Mahin